About Dr. Leslie

I have practiced as a licensed psychologist in North Carolina since 1994, and have been studying and working in mental health since 1980. I have the privilege of working with people throughout the Triangle area and beyond, including Fayetteville, Greensboro, Oxford, and Pinehurst.

Influences in My Work

My academic training includes master’s degrees in social work, psychology, and theology, a doctorate in clinical psychology, and four years of postdoctoral training in psychoanalytic theory and therapy. I consider myself a life long learner, and continually integrate new research findings in psychotherapy outcomes, neuroscience, attachment theory, spirituality and health, and emerging therapeutic modalities to name just a few, into my work.

I learn from each person with whom I am privileged to work. My own life experiences growing up, as a person of faith, wife, mother, friend, and business owner also enrich my work.

My Belief

I believe that times of change, crisis, challenge, or being stuck in our lives can be opportunities to learn, heal, and mature as human beings. I have found for myself and for many with whom I work, that therapy is a meaningful way of engaging in that process.

Our Journey Together

I invite you to call me to discuss setting up an intial appointment.


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